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My PT Story…
In April of 2016 I got up one morning to severe pain in my lower back and left leg all the way down to my toes- I had no idea what happened. I spent a week sleeping on the floor and going to my doctors, getting x-rays, traction therapy and finally and MRI which showed 2 herniated discs (again no clue what happened). I spent months going to acupuncture, chiropractor, Bowen therapy, sports therapy, Reiki- you name it I tried it… thru all of this things got better, especially the leg and foot pain. But I still had pain lingering in my back, hip, leg and buttocks! Everything just ached! I was at the end of my rope when one day I got home to a card in the mail for FREE sciatic and back clinic at Somersworth Therapy! I thought “how did they know”?! I signed up and was at the very first clinic- yay!

 I have never been taken such good care of EVER. This team at Somersworth PT are the very best at what they do- getting you back to your life. I had stopped doing everything- biking, running, mowing the lawn, gardening, snow shoveling (did I miss that). Everything was a struggle to do, even vacuuming or some nights even sleeping. I had even stopped riding my motorcycle. I can honestly say I am back! I have been on some bike rides, running and gardening, mowing the lawn… I am so happy to be getting back to my old self!

 Justin has been my primary therapist (you are absolutely the best ever and kind of funny too!) I also saw Dr. Dan and Minami who also were wonderful people and great therapists. Thank you all so very much for helping me get my life back. Everyone made my experience at Somersworth PT an absolute wonderful experience! I will and have highly recommended Somersworth PT to friends and family!!
Kimberly McGee

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